Hide and Go Seek

Several times a day Lily thinks she’s playing hide and go seek.

She’s not.

What happens is Lily will hide under a blanket or behind a door while you are in the same room as her. She doesn’t warn you that she’s about to hide, but you can clearly see her go into her hiding place.

Then she starts yelling “Can you find me? I’m hiding! You need to find me!”

And of course we know exactly where she is because she hid RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and is usually still visible.

We find her (or Rose does) and then she pulls the blanket back up or pulls the door back into position and claims she is hiding again. “Can you find me?!”

Yes. Yes we can. You haven’t moved. You are in the same place. We can SEE you. And if we couldn’t see you, we could hear exactly where you are.

This goes on and on. We’ve tried to explain how hide and seek actually works and have played it with her semi-properly, but this is how she wants to do it.


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