High Praise

We’ve been endlessly debating “redshirting” Lily for kindergarten with her early September birthday. The cut-off for our school district is 9/30, which means we will not be having this debate with Rose’s October birthday. Lily is academically advanced for her age, but I worry most about the social issues of being the youngest. In my experience of being bright and the youngest, being smart only gets you so far in life. Social skills play so much into happiness and success that I’m leaning heavily toward “holding her back”– though I don’t consider it holding her back really when all the school systems that surround us actually have cut-offs BEFORE her birthday. We could very well move to another school district with a 7/30 or 8/30 cut off someday. If that happened, she would be the youngest by A LOT.

FYI Lily’s opinion is that she wants to go to kindergarten when she’s 6 because that’s when three of her preschool friends are going. When I mention she might go next year, she gets upset about it… not that the 4 year old should get to decide, but that means something to me.

Here is the conversation that went down in our playroom shortly before I wrote this:

Me: Rose’s birthday is only one month later than Lily’s and we would have no doubts about waiting to send her! In fact, we wouldn’t be allowed to send her and she’s just as smart as Lily is!

Lily: Rose is smarter than me! She’s a lot smarter than me!

Me: Oh yeah? Why do you think that?

Lily: Because she’s a good, good girl and a smart girl! She knows lots of things!

Dr. Toy Warden: You do realize you are about to be quoted for your mom’s blog…

I think it’s hilarious that Lily thinks her sister is smarter than her, especially when since she’s older there are a lot of things that Lily KNOWS Rose doesn’t know yet and gets frustrated by this. The other day we were in Lily’s classroom and Lily got really upset with her sister for not putting the correct number beads next to written numbers. I had to explain to her that Rose couldn’t read numbers yet because she was only 2 years old, not 4 years old like her.

Lily: You need to learn to read numbers, Rose! You need to learn how to do this RIGHT! This is a four and you need to put FOUR beads here, not SIX!!!!

This was said in a very exasperated tone like Rose was some sort of idiot.

So after that, and many other encounters involving Rose not knowing as much reading and math as her big sister, I’m impressed that Lily thinks her sister is smarter than her.

Is Rose smarter than Lily for real? I don’t know. Lily knew her states(!) and could do 100 piece puzzles by herself at this age. Rose doesn’t care much about that stuff, but can sing along to almost every song she’s ever heard and quote tons of books and movies to me. I think they are probably about equal but in different ways. I guess we’ll see!


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