Math Drama

Every Sunday, the girls skype their grandfather who lives in St. Louis. Lily now knows a lot of math and her grandpa likes to quiz her. This Sunday he tried to tease her and it backfired horribly.

Grandpa: What’s 14-2?

Lily: What is it?

Grandpa: It’s 10!

Lily: No! It’s 12!

Grandpa: I think it’s 10.

Lily: NO!!!!! IT’S 12!!!!!

And then she burst into hysterical, inconsolable tears and cried in my lap long after Grandpa signed off of skype. He apologized. We all explained that she was right. Fourteen minus two DOES equal twelve! Grandpa was just teasing her! There was no comforting her until we distracted her with television.

Apparently you should NEVER tease Lily about math.

Math is serious business.


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