It Rhymes with Duck

I don’t care much about foul language. I have a really dirty mouth, but I try to keep it at least a little clean around the kids for fear that Lily and Rose may start spouting off the me-inspired dirty mouths in public. Is it funny to hear a little kid say a dirty word at home? Sure. I think dirty words are overrated and that no word should be “bad” and off-limits just because society has decided it’s vulgar. I just don’t want to risk the kids saying too many of them while we are out because, let’s face it, other people think it’s trashy AND they could get in trouble at school.

Last night my husband and I were playing Words with Friends on dueling laptops across the room from each other. Lily LOVES it when we play Words with Friends because she is learning how to read and likes to try to figure out what words we are making.

I was trying to build a word and my best option points-wise was “fuck”. Even though I wholeheartedly approve of dirty words, it made me giggle a little to play the word. Words with Friends, of course, wouldn’t accept the word because it is “dirty”. They also don’t accept the word “jews”, which really confuses me since it is a proper word and not derogatory unless you say it in a certain context or tone. My undergraduate majors in English and history had a concentration in Jewish studies and I’ve read a lot of official books about Judaism that use the word “jews”. Whatever, Words with Friends.

ANYWAY, when Words with Friends wouldn’t accept the term, I turned to my husband and said “I’m so annoyed. I have all the letters for the word that starts with ‘F’ and rhymes with ‘duck’ but Words with Friends won’t let me play it!”

Lily: FUCK?


Oh crap! I forgot the girl learned how to rhyme! So much for being discreet and talking in code.

Me: Um… yes. You’re right.

Lily (bouncing around the room): Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

And I cracked up, but obviously had to put that insanity to a stop.

Me: But it’s not a nice word and you really shouldn’t say it.


Me: Actually, YOU said it, and that’s ok because it’s only a word, but we shouldn’t say it around other people.

Lily: Fuck is a word that starts with “F” and rhymes with duck. That’s what you said!


Let’s go back to not knowing how to rhyme, ok?



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2 Responses to It Rhymes with Duck

  1. Nonni

    Too funny! What a little smarty!

  2. Maurina

    <3 it! When LD says "truck" it sounds like it starts with "f". I have to keep myself from giggling every time.

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