Robot Bunny

The other day after we left the lobby of Lily’s school, Rose started yelling about a “robot bunny”. We had already been buzzed through to walk to Lily’s classrooom, so we couldn’t go back to the lobby to see what Rose was talking about. Lily and I did not recall seeing a bunny. We’ve been in the lobby many times and there’s never been a bunny, let alone a ROBOT bunny. We didn’t see a bunny in the hallway where we were standing either, so we shrugged it off and continued on to Lily’s classroom.

On the way out, I searched the lobby for what the bunny must be, but saw nothing. “Where is this robot bunny, Rose?” I asked. She excitedly started yelling about the “robot bunny” again. And then she pointed to the wind chimes hanging in the corner of the room.


This wasn’t the specific wind chime, but you get the idea. It was just plain old silver wind chime with no special bunny qualities to it.

I suppose the chimes look like rabbit ears? I love that since the “bunny” was metal, she thought it was a “robot bunny”.

I explained that it was wind chimes, but Rose still insists it is a “robot bunny”.


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  1. Poppy

    My granddaughter is very perceptive. How could you not see it?

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