Rose has a little problem with addiction. Since she is 2, her addiction is of course unique to her particular case of Toddler OCD. She’s addicted to soup.

I’ve never met someone so excited by the prospect of soup. It started about a year ago when I made matzoh ball soup for Passover. Rose wanted me to feed her more and more of it. She ended up eating a bowl almost as big as she was when she was only 18 months old.

A few months later, she was so excited to see soup at a Japanese restaurant that she reached for it and burned her little fingers. She cried and cried. Then she ate almost an entire bowl of miso soup.

We usually don’t eat much soup at our house, but we noticed in Chinese restaurants she was downing her own bowl (or two!) of egg drop soup, so we started making more soup at home. Lately her big obsession is Ramen. It’s not the healthiest choice, but the second she sees us get out a pan she starts yelling “You make me soup! My soup! My soup!” She downs it like it’s dessert. She is remarkably skilled at eating soup neatly considering her age. She barely spills a drop most times. Others, she’s somehow off and spills half of it down her dress.

Rose was eating so much Ramen at one point that I had to ask my husband to stop making it so much because I was afraid she’d become some Ramen noodle urban legend casualty of malnutrition.

My husband and I both recall a news story of a Korean Ivy Leaguer who died of malnutrition from eating too much Ramen, but the internet will not confirm whether this actually happened. Since Rose is Korean, Dr. Toy Warden told her she had to slow down on the Ramen because we can’t afford Harvard!

Several times a day, Rose will ask me for soup. If I say no, she’ll say “Daddy make me my soup? Where my daddy? Oh, he’s at work.” Daddy usually does make her her soup.

But a girl can not live on Ramen noodles alone. Luckily her other addiction is apples. Rose must have heard than an apple a day keeps the doctor away because she ASKS to eat an apple about five times a day. I let her have two or three of them. I have to go back to the store mid-week for more apples because there’s just not enough room in the fridge for this addiction! I don’t want to say no to apples since they are healthy, but I seriously can not keep up with her!

What’s your kid’s food addiction?



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  1. Maurina

    LD’s addition is Yogurt. Now she can’t eat dairy so it’s soy or coconut milk based. She doesn’t care – it can be plain vanilla or fruit flavored. If she’s refusing to eat her dinner she’ll eat a 6 oz container in no time flat.

    To help with Rose & her Ramen : add an egg, mushrooms or other veggies (a handful of frozen toward the end) and/ or some seaweed or fish cake. LD will eat it that way. Ramen and miso soup is my comfort food so I eat it somewhat regularly but want it to be at least “not bad” for me. Oh, and use only about 1/2 the sauce packet; still lots of flavor but greatly reduces the sodium. Good Luck!!

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