$10 bear

Dr. Toy Warden runs about 3 miles a day if the weather permits (and sometimes even if it doesn’t). Lily sees him come home from work, put on his running tights or shorts, and race around the block nearly every day. These days when we go for walks with Lily, SHE races around the block. Our block is about 1/2 mile around, so this weekend when a Kids Marathon was offered as part of the pre-race events for Dr. Toy Warden’s half marathon, we signed Lily up to run. We thought she could easily do a 1/2 mile run. There was also a 1/4 mile run available. It was recommended for 2-3 year olds. We thought Rose might want to get in on the action since if you run the race you get a teddy bear, a medal, a backpack and a water bottle. We didn’t want to deal with the repercussions of only one kid getting a teddy bear, so we paid $10 for each kid to run.

Lily didn’t want me to take a pre-race picture.

Rose immediately declared her disdain for her race bib. She refused to let us put it on her. Every time we asked her, she’d scream “NO!” This was probably our first hint that Rose would not be running the race.

Then when we got to the field, we asked Lily if she wanted to run one lap or two. The 1/4 mile race we had wanted to put Rose in was one lap. The 1/2 mile race we thought Lily should do was two laps. Lily is no fool. She knows one lap is easier to run than two. So she said she wanted to run one lap. We were about to have two kids in the 1/4 mile race and I was worried I’d have to “run” with Rose while 8 months pregnant with major hip issues, but when we tried to take Rose out of her stroller, she said no.

"There's no way in hell you are making me get out of this stroller in run when you just gave me a new teddy bear."

Rose would NOT run the race. Or even walk the race. Or even get out of the stroller to watch her SISTER run the race. Basically, we paid $10 so she could get a teddy bear that said “Glass City Marathon” on it. Because there were refreshments at the race, my husband claims we paid $5 for the bear, $3 for a pack of Oreos and $2 for a Capri Sun. I say we paid $10 for the honor of holding a teddy bear faking the fact she ran this race.

Lily DID run the race. She insisted she hold Dr. Toy Warden’s hand for the whole run, because that’s apparently part of running a race.

They ran so fast, I could only get blurry pictures of them! Faster than a speeding of bullet, I tell you!

She ended up doing fairly well for her age I THINK based on the height of the kids finishing when she did. The winners were about a minute before her, but they were some cheating 7 year olds. Why does a 7 year old need to run a 1/4 mile race? What a wimp! ;) Lily finished with a 2:57, toward the front of the main pack of kids.

She immediately told us she was a big girl now because she could run a race. We agree.

One thing is for sure, her $10 entry fee was WAY more worth it than her sister’s!

Maybe next year, Rose. Maybe next year.

I’m a little disappointed that there weren’t t-shirts for the kids, but I guess the $10 teddy bear will have to do.


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