A Break From the Ordinary

Life has been so much better since I bought Rose a wardrobe entirely composed of blue dresses. We used to go to battle every single morning when I tried to get her dressed. She’d fight me, kicking and screaming, not wanting to put her clothes on. She wanted to dress like Cinderella every single day and if she couldn’t, she let us know she was unhappy.

Now that she has all blue dresses, she is happy to pick out a blue dress each morning and change into it from her blue nightgown. Mornings are so much more pleasant. The investment in a blue wardrobe was well worth it despite the presence of a completely lovely hand-me-down wardrobe from her big sister. Perhaps this was her ploy to make sure she got clothes unique to her instead of just wearing the things her big sister passed on? Whatever the case, I thought we were cemented in blue for the summer.

Imagine my surprise– half horror, half joy– when Rose ASKED to wear a yellow dress last week. Instead of her usual blue like Cinderella, she wanted to be yellow like Belle. We didn’t even own a yellow dress in 4T, but Lily’s 5T yellow dress fit the bill. Rose was happy. I was astounded to see her in a different color and terrified that she’d demand yellow dresses every day.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If she wants yellow dresses every day, this girl is stuck. I’m not buying anymore dresses. She has a blue dress wardrobe and whatever else she already owns from her sister.

The next morning I cringed when I asked which dress she wanted to wear. I was so scared she’d say yellow and then throw a fit when I couldn’t comply. We only had ONE yellow dress in the whole house.

Well, she didn’t want a blue dress. She wanted a white dress like a bride. I happily dressed her in one. It was so refreshing to see her in another color. Blue may be her favorite color, but it’s not her best color by far. Some variety would be nice. She matched her Woof Woof for the day.

The next day she wanted to wear a brown dress. Miraculously, I had a brown dress. How many dresses do we have?! I don’t know what inspired brown. There are no brown-dressed princesses… unless she’s thinking about Cinderella in her maid outfit? Hmmmm… I should ask.

Just when I thought we’d broken our blue dress streak (and feared she’d never want to wear one again), she switched back. Phew. But she happily donned a pair of jeans (JEANS!) and a purple shirt when I told her she had to wear clothes that could get REALLY dirty when she helped us garden the other day.

I can’t even get the girl to wear pants or tights under her dresses without a fight usually, so I was thrilled to think that maybe our clothing battles were over. At least we’ve reached a point where I can sometimes rationalize with her WHY she needs to NOT wear a blue dress. The last time I attempted to get her to wear jeans and a shirt, she was moody all day.

Despite the improvement with allowing something as tacky as jeans to touch her highness’s body, the second we finished gardening she asked for another blue dress. And this morning, she came downstairs naked demanding a blue dress.

Until the next color whim strikes, I guess we’re stuck in the blue. That child knows what she wants. At least there is some recent hope for other colors on the horizon. I’d really like to dress this girl in red sometimes.

Thank goodness Lily’s favorite color is “rainbow”.


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