Evolution of an Engineer

Last year at Lily’s preschool art show, we were amused when we discovered that Lily labeled her creative project as a “decorated cereal box”. All of the other kids were calling their equally unimpressive decorated cereal boxes as things like “food and drink machines” and “bat caves”, but Lily insisted her decorated cereal box was a decorated cereal box.

And it was.

But I was never more sure that she was going to be an engineer than at that moment!

This year, I was very surprised when I saw her art projects and saw THIS explanation next to her “invention”.

WHOA. I guess the future engineer DOES have some creativity in there after all. Perhaps she even has quite a bit of creativity. Although when I pointed out the difference between last year and this year to her preschool teacher, she told me that Lily had originally said she “didn’t know” what her “invention” did. After Lily heard some of the other kids describe their inventions, she came up with this elaborate description. Even engineers need some creativity. I mean, they do invent new machines and stuff, and that’s exactly what our little engineer did here.

Lily's "wall" invention

I’m trying to decide which answer a like better– the run-on sentence “wall” machine or “a decorated cereal box”.


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