I’m a Strawberry!

You have no idea how much excitement happened here today because I bought the girls new nightgowns. Rose and I went shopping while Lily was at school, so the nightgown was a surprise for her. You’d think I’d given her a Barbie, she was so excited. “Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Rose!” Both girls immediately put the spaghetti straps to the nightgowns over their arms and paraded around the house with the nightgowns hanging in front of their clothes.

“I’m a strawberry!” Lily declared.
“I a strawberry too!” Rose cried.

They said this over and over and over again while spinning and giggling like crazy.

Sadly I didn't take a picture until they were wearing them properly.

Here I thought I’d just gotten them new pjs during what has lately been nearly a pj shortage crisis. Apparently I got them the best toy on earth– strawberry costumes.

Strawberries like to show off their knees.

I also thought TOYS were what I should be buying my kids as rewards for stuff. Maybe pjs, socks and dresses are the way to go?



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