Kids Say: Sound Control

Lily woke up super late Monday morning after battling a minor cold all week. When she finally came downstairs, she kept coughing.

Me: Are you ok?

Lily: My sound doesn’t feel well.

Me: Your sound?

Lily: My sound is sick.

Me: Do you mean your voice?

Lily: Yes. It doesn’t feel well.

Me: Oh! You’re a little hoarse! Does your throat hurt?

Lily: My throat hurts a little, but I’m not a horse.

Me: No, you’re not a horse, but “hoarse” means you are having trouble talking. You’re hoarse.

Lily: I’m not a horse! My sound doesn’t feel well!

Me: “Hoarse” is a way people say their sound doesn’t feel well. They also say they have a frog in their throat.

Lily: I’m not a horse! There’s no frog in my throat!

You’ll be happy to hear that after a drink of water, Lily’s sound felt much better.


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