Mommy, Look!

The girls have been on a major Mega Bloks binge lately. They’ve seriously been playing with blocks 3+ hours a day for the past four days. I don’t understand what’s so fascinating, but even Rose will disappear in the playroom by herself for HOURS working on blocks. That girl usually won’t allow herself to be more than 3 inches from me, so you know these blocks are the bomb all of a sudden.

Lily isn’t playing by herself as well with them. She’s actually driving me absolutely crazy with her blocks. For some reason, every single time she adds a block to a structure, she insists that I examine the structure and tell her how brilliant it is. It goes something like this.

This "circus" with 2 flags required my stopping what I was doing at least 50 times to praise her design skills.

10:00 am Lily: Mommy! Look! Look! I made a circus!
10:01 am Lily: Mommy! Look! Look! My circus has more colors!
10:02 am Lily: Mommy! Look! Look! I made a flag!
10:03 am *knocks down circus*
10:05 am *finishes building identical circus* Mommy! Look! Look! I made a circus!

You know, I understand the kid just wants my attention, BUT there was a day and time that she could build an entire tower or two without talking to me. I blame her nearly one-on-one preschool teachers for this development! I give her plenty of praise without my having to examine every single added block. This is also happening when she is drawing. “Look, Mommy! I drew a dress! Look, Mommy! Now there’s a puppy on it! I drew an ‘M’! I drew an ‘O’! I drew an ‘M’! I drew an ‘M’! I drew a ‘Y’! Do you see?”

It’s all very cute and sweet and all and I know someday I will miss her wanting this much approval and attention, but yeesh, kid, Mommy’s head is going to explode if she hears you say “MOMMY LOOK!” one more time today! Leave me alone so I can finish this very important game of Words with Friends! ;)


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