Mondays Aren’t For Dancing

New rule: Never sign your child up for Monday classes.

We made a terrible mistake this year when signing Lily up for a school year’s worth of ballet classes. We signed up for the class that seemed to work best with our schedule. I wanted a daytime class early in the morning enough to not interfere with afternoon preschool. I never thought about what day of the week the class was except that I didn’t want it on Fridays since Lily doesn’t have preschool that day and we enjoy the freedom of that day.

The girls were confused about what they were doing at dance on a Wednesday.

It didn’t take long to realize Monday classes always get canceled. Think about it. If a holiday falls on the weekend, you get Monday off. The dance studio is closed for all national holidays. We get to take make-up classes when the school is closed, but this means rearranging our whole week and putting Lily in a class that isn’t her own. This semester alone the dance studio was closed at least five times. If I remember correctly, the dance studio was closed for Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day and Easter. It also was closed for a (ridiculous. It was warm and had barely snowed!) snow day and when our dance teacher’s mother was having surgery. We’ve been to at least six make-up classes this semester due to the studio being closed and another one because Rose was too sick to tag along one Monday. Sometimes I feel like we see the girls in the make-up class more often than we see the girls in Lily’s actual class.

It’s truly ridiculous. I will never sign up for a Monday class again. And you shouldn’t either.

Trust me, it’s not worth it even if the class is at the best possible time of day. Go for the Wednesday class. You’ll probably be there for make-up classes more often than you actually attend your Monday class anyway. I know we are.



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  1. Trigem

    Interesting. My daughter is in her first dance class. It is on Monday and it has worked out fine. I can only remember one day class was canceled only on Monday and at least 2 when they were canceled later in the week.

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