The Most Exciting Thing in the Backyard

We have a fantastic backyard for kids. It’s big and grassy and fenced. It has a swingset with TWO clubhouse areas, three swings and a slide. We have a sandbox, patio set and toddler playhouse. We have an endless supply of bubbles, baseball supplies, soccer balls and footballs. Consider all of this before I tell you what Lily finds to be the MOST exciting activity to do in our backyard. It probably has something to do with the swingset, right? The bubbles?


Lily gets hysterically excited whenever her dad starts to pick up dog poop. Dog poop is so exciting that she runs all over the yard with him on a hunt for it. Whenever she find some, she shouts for him and jumps up and down while he comes over with his baggie to clean it up. Whenever he finds something, she screams with joy and comes to watch him pick it up. After the poop has been scooped (or, you know, grabbed with a hand wrapped with a plastic bag), she takes the baggie and throws it gleefully into the pile.

Picking up dog poop is seriously the most fun backyard activity when you are 4 1/2. Yeah, we don’t get it either. Rose also finds the joy of this confusing and spends most of the poop hunt in her swingset tower yelling about how someone needs to save her in her castle.

Lily gave me that thumbs up all by herself to portray what she thought about picking up dog poop: Funnest outdoor activity EVER.



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2 Responses to The Most Exciting Thing in the Backyard

  1. (a) So do my kids.
    (b) I’m fairly sure we own that dress, though we’re only just getting out the summertime stuff so I’ll have to look. If not that one, one very similar.

    • We just bought that dress at Once Upon a Child, so it was used. Entirely possible you have it too, though we’ve had a variety of other similar dresses in the past.

      Glad to hear my kids aren’t the only poop freaks!

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