Baby Party

Earlier this week we had our biggest false alarm with labor yet. This new baby is a way bigger tease than her sisters, who only gave me timeable, painful contractions when they were actually on their way out. We went to the hospital at about 6 am after a life-saving neighbor came to our house to watch our kids at 5:30 am. When her husband had to leave for work, our friend woke up the girls and took them to her house to play with her two kids.

The baby didn’t come out. We were sent home from the hospital defeated to collect or big kids later that morning. The next day Lily expressed her confusion about what happened that day.

“I thought when you had the baby Grace’s mommy, Grace, Grace’s brother AND my friend Anne and her mom and Callie and HER mom and Jenna and HER mom and Crystal and her kids would be there!” she said. “Where was everyone? Were they not there because the baby didn’t come out?”

Apparently when I told her who might be watching them when I had the baby, Lily thought ALL of her friends would be there at once. It was disappointing when this amazing, fun, welcome-to-the-world-baby party didn’t happen.

It was also disappointing that the baby wasn’t actually welcomed to the world that day, but I think I’m the one who was the most upset about that part.

Needless to say, there will not be a baby party when I actually do have this baby. A lot of these families have never even met each other. ONE person/family will have the girls until my mom can get here from Indiana. It will be an interesting and exciting day no matter what, but I doubt every single person we’ve asked to be our labor back-up is going to drop everything to party at another friends’ house.

Tough break for Lily!


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