Eat Rocks

I was feeding the kids a total Bad Mom Lunch outside. It’s bad enough when I stuff peanut butter crackers, cereal bars and cookies into them to make it from a playdate to afternoon preschool on time, but doing that just so I don’t have to prepare a real lunch to take into our own yard? That’s just laziness! I’d blame late pregnancy, but I’ve been guilty of this before. Oh well. They seem to enjoy Bad Mom Lunch just as much as Mediocre Mom Lunch (yogurt, fruit and bread or sandwiches, fruit and pretzels or deli meat, bread and fruit usually). Yesterday, I brought out an assortment of prepackaged snack foods for lunch and asked what people wanted to eat first.

Rose said she wanted to eat “rocks” first.

Rocks? As far as I knew we didn’t have rocks. Not of the edible sort, anyway.

She pointed to this bag and said “Those are rocks. I like rocks!”
I guess those potatoes DO look like rocks.


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  1. Panera chips taste like rocks too.

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