Get It Out of My Sight

Months and months (perhaps years?) ago my sister brought the girls this little Canadian moose mountie from her vacation in Vancouver.

My sister gave them the gift in the van and I guess the moose fell under the back seat where it stayed until my husband was vacuuming the van last week. My husband yanked an embarrassing amount of stuff out of the van and stuffed it all in a box, which I then sorted into piles of “trash”, “house” and “van”. I put the moose into the “house” pile, but Lily kept moving it to the “trash” pile.

Me: Quit moving the moose. That’s the trash pile and the moose needs to go in the house.

Lily: I know. I don’t want that moose.

Me: But Emi gave you this moose! He’s a Canadian Mountie!

Lily: I don’t like that moose. We should give him away.

Me: Well, I guess we can give him to someone else…

Lily: Someone else might like him, but I don’t. We need to get rid of that moose.

She was really REALLY determined to get rid of this poor little cute stuffed moose my sister was nice enough to bring to her from Canada (and I was careless enough to lose under the backseat of the car for possibly years. Sorry, sis! We play with all your other gifts! I swear!).

The next day our neighbor was having a garage sale. When I explained to Lily what that meant, she said “We need to take the moose over there so they can sell it to someone else.”

We didn’t do that.

Every time she sees the moose sitting in our house, she reminds me that she wants to give it away. I finally got it out of her that she doesn’t like this perfectly cute stuffed animal because its clothes don’t come off. She’s used to being able to change the clothes on her dolls and Build-A-Bears, but this moose is forever stuck in a mountie uniform. Apparently, non-removable clothes are hate inducing.

Or she maybe she just really hates Canada.


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