Kids Say: Baby Hate

As of Saturday when I wrote this, I’ve been having timeable painful contractions off and on for a week and a half. Whenever I think it’s time to go to the hospital, they stop. It’s extremely frustrating and a lot of the action happens in the middle of the night, so I’m very tired and I don’t feel well. I’m very very tired of being pregnant, as are most people at this stage of the game. The kids have heard me whining and begging the baby to just come out already. Saturday morning, I told my husband I really didn’t feel well, which wasn’t exactly news to him but if I can’t whine to the man who put me in this predicament, then we should probably get a divorce.

Lily overheard me and immediately piped up: “Mommy doesn’t feel well because she’s sick of the baby.”

Oops. That’s not the impression I wanted to give her! I think she probably meant I was sick of being pregnant, but I was sure to clarify it right away.

“I’m not sick of the baby! I love the baby and I want to meet her! I don’t feel well because she needs to get out of my tummy!”

Hopefully she will be out of my tummy before this posts, but chances are I will still be “sick of the baby” on Monday.

I much prefer babies out to in, even when they are up a lot at night. At least when I get a chance to sleep, I’m comfortable and the thing that wakes me up is cute instead of painful.


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