Kids Say: Feel the Love

“I love Woof Woof so much. I even love her more than you, Mommy.”

My daughter just told me she loves her favorite stuffed animal more than she loves me. I’m glad I put all this time into raising her. All those hours of mothering were totally worth it to have her love an inanimate object more than she loves me. I could list the endless things I’ve done for her and suffered through for her compared to her lifeless stuffed animal who just sits there watching her, but I think we all know MOST moms should be loved more than a stuffed animal.

The good news is she apparently loves Woof Woof more than she loves her dad and sister too. At least I’m not being outranked by another human. I’m probably #2 to Woof Woof. At least, I hope I’m #2 and not like the most hated person in her life somehow. Given the constant hugs and “I love yous”, I think I’m good?


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