Little People Prepare For Baby

Apparently this is what’s going to happen when Violet is born. Ever since we found Baby Rose/Violet, Lily has been demonstrating this play sequence with her Little People over and over and over again.

Everyone including my parents will be sleeping at our house. Although the baby is still in my stomach, she already sleeps in a cradle in Little People World. Although my parents live 3.5 hours away, they somehow are visiting us when I go into labor. That WOULD be convenient, but probably won’t happen unless I am induced. I’ve gone into labor 1-2 weeks early naturally, so we probably will be scrambling to find a caretaker for the girls when this baby comes. I have a list of about 10 different local families we could call and I’m STILL nervous we won’t be able to find someone! Last time the four families we had lined up were busy when I went into labor!

Lily, Rose, Mommy, Daddy and Violet load into the back of the car while Poppy drives and Nonni rides on the roof rack. This is exactly how we all go places in real life. It’s totally safe to clown car it everywhere.

Before we go to the hospital for Little People Mommy to have the baby, we drive 3.5 hours away to visit my grandparents, Nana and Pa. They live in a yellow plastic box. This scenario will not be happening and not just because of the plastic box. I will not be driving more than 30 minutes away from this house until the baby comes out.

Everyone “visits” at Nana and Pa’s for a while. No talking occurs. We just have to wait for everyone to finish “visiting” silently inside the yellow plastic box before further play can continue.

And then everyone but Nana and Pa load in the car again to go to the hospital.

This upside-down purple jack-o-lantern is the hospital. Obviously.

Inside the hospital, everyone circles around the new baby to “look at her”.

And then everyone gets in the car to go home again. Over and over and over again.

I hope Lily’s not disappointed when this is not how things really play out when I go into labor. Chances are she will be hanging out with a family she barely knows while my mom gets her affairs in order 3.5 hours away and then drives here. My dad won’t come for a couple of days. We won’t all ride in the same car or see my grandparents. And the baby HOPEFULLY won’t be out of my belly until we get to the hospital, though I suppose that remains to be determined. I really don’t want an accidental homebirth, so let’s wait to come out until we get to the hospital, ok Violet?


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