Mom Failure

For two weeks, every time I looked at the calendar, I reminded myself that on Friday the 20th we were going to Lily’s preschool art show. It is one of my favorite events at the preschool and I couldn’t wait to see what Lily made this year. All week long, I would list the things we were doing “On Monday, we have dance. On Tuesday, we’re meeting our friends. On Thursday, Mommy is going to the doctor. On Friday, we have your art show!”

Well, Friday came and I didn’t think of her art show all day. My husband came home from work and we went out to a fancy dinner at Arby’s. On the way home, a friend called us to see if he could come over to play board games. We said sure, but our house was upside down, I hadn’t showered and the kids needed a bath before bed. We rushed home to get our lives in order before our friend walked in the door. Our friend was bringing a date we hadn’t met before, otherwise we might have allowed our true habitat to be seen. Strangers can’t know what slobs we are. Actually, we’d prefer friends not know what slobs we are, but they’ve probably figured it out by now. This friend used to live with Dr. Toy Warden, so he truly knew of our true nature, but it was the date we were trying to impress. Or at least not disgust.

We got the house in order as fast as we could. I showered. Dr. Toy Warden took the kids up for a bath while I vacuumed the FINALLY toy-debris-free floors. While I was vacuuming at 7:15, I looked up at the calendar and saw the words “Lily’s Art Show, 7-8 pm”.

I still don’t know how we could have completely forgotten about it. I’d been reminding us ALL about the show for two weeks, but the day of the actual show I dropped the ball.

I felt like the worst mom on earth! How could I just forget?

Luckily, Lily didn’t mind too much that we were missing her show. In fact, she got out of the tub before her sister so I offered to rush her over to her school. She actually said no! She thought she couldn’t go to the show and see our friend. I told her she could do both, but she just wanted to stay home.

So we did.

I’m sure it’s not the last child event we’ll completely space out, but it’s the first! I hope we can get our act together when we have THREE kids with special activities. I fear blowing off performances and big games. Please let me remember. Apparently the calendar and talking about it constantly was not enough.

Maybe I can get a pregnancy brain pass this time?

Oh well.


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