The Mirrored Ceiling

My husband recently voluntarily took a 3-day trip SOLO with the girls. You heard me right. My husband volunteered to take the girls on a trip to stay in a hotel and, get this, go to MY cousin’s wedding. I was too pregnant to travel and luckily didn’t go into labor while he was gone.

He doesn’t understand why this series of events turned him into a super hero or why all my mommy friends are making an example of him to their husbands. “Would YOU ever do this? You never would! You couldn’t handle it! Be more like Dr. Toy Warden!” = a lecture I know has happened in at least one of my friends’ homes.

The most excellent part of all of this was that I had THREE days without kids. This is the ONLY time I’ve been kid-free in the nearly 5 years since I had Lily. It was amazing, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.

Dr. Toy Warden claims the kids found the hotel the most exciting part of the trip. They loved running up and down the halls, climbing on furniture and most of all they loved the mirrored ceiling in the elevator. Every single time they got in the elevator, they lay on the floor and laughed at their reflections.

Who needs to do anything else on vacation when you have a mirrored elevator ceiling?


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