What I Did On My Mommy Vacation

I had three whole days without children (or a husband, but more notably, CHILDREN). Sure, there was still a 6 pound fetus lodged in uncomfortable angles in my belly, but there was no one here externally to care for except me. And the dog. And the new sod and flowers my husband just planted.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish without children in the house. Moments after they left, I picked up all their toys, laundry and other debris. How are there always wrappers on the floor? How? I swear I give them 1/8 of the snacks for which these wrappers account. Do the wrappers breed? Are my children sneaking snacks they claim to be unable to open when I already give them all the snacks they want?

Whatever the case, once everything was picked up that first hour, my floors stayed clean for THREE DAYS.

You guys, I THOUGHT I wasn’t the one leaving wrappers and scraps of paper everywhere and now I have proof!

Without any effort, my living room, playroom and the children’s bedroom stayed clean for three days.

Within two hours of their arrival back home, all three of these rooms were trashed. I claim this as evidence that a) it’s absolutely pointless to try to have a tidy house when you live with a toddler and a preschooler and b) I’m nowhere near as bad of a housekeeper as I thought (or was before I had children). The kitchen was a bit more of a challenge to keep clean. Why must I eat? It was still easier without the kid food prep/clean-up. Even the bathroom stayed cleaner without those kids and was trashed by the next day. It’s amazing how much soap gets caked on the counter and sink while they are here.

Who can keep up with that? I know there are mothers who do and I admire you, but I would lose my mind if I even tried. Impossible.

Aside from enjoying the miracle of the house that stayed clean without effort, I did a lot of sleeping, reading, movie-watching, organizing and shopping kid-free. I went to the movies alone. I went to dinner with friends. I ate places my husband despises.

To pre-kid me this doesn’t sound like much of a vacation. For post-kid me, it was AMAZING. It was such a great break. I really enjoyed having the time alone. I did get a little bored and lonely toward the end, but what I wanted was my husband to share the freedom with. We hardly ever get to go on dates. What would it be like to be alone together for THREE WHOLE DAYS?! OMG, the possibilities.

We won’t be able to find out what that would be like for at least another 18 months due to our upcoming delivery. I won’t likely have another kid vacation of any form for at least that long, but it’s fun to dream.

For now, though, it’s nice to have my cuties home. It never gets boring while they are here. Annoying, messy and loud? Absolutely. Boring? No.


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