18 Anniversaries

It’s my husband and my 18th anniversary. Sort of.

We were married three times 6 years ago, so we somewhat celebrate our anniversary three times a year. This year “all” we gave each other was a new baby, but we go out to eat three times.

How do you get married three times to the same person without getting divorced? It is possible. We actually got married by a justice of the peace about 6 weeks prior to our scheduled wedding so that I could get on his health insurance after I quit my job to relocate to be with him.

Then we wanted to honor both of our cultural backgrounds. Dr. Toy Warden is Korean. I am Jewish. The cultures require very different wedding outfits and I didn’t want to stop mid-wedding for a costume change. We had a traditional Korean wedding ceremony the night before our Jewish ceremony.

The Jewish ceremony was 6 years ago today.

And so, it’s our 18th wedding anniversary in 6 years.

No wonder we look so much older now than we do in the wedding pictures (or having 3 kids in 5 years may have something to do with it!).

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband.


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