Since we are in the early days of nursing and babyhood, leaving the house (and showering) is a huge triumph. Today’s excitement was a trip to Walmart, where I discovered the latest in unfairness. Lily is really short on PJs. I buy most of the girls’ clothes used, but for some reason decent hand-me-down PJs are hard to find. For some reason, new PJs run at $10-15 even at Walmart. I don’t understand why even a nightgown is $10 at Walmart when I regularly buy the girls dresses there for $5. Why the hell are PJs so expensive? You SLEEP in them. They should really cost less than most of your other clothes.

At first I decided not to buy PJs because I didn’t feel like dropping “so much” on them. Since I buy most of the girls’ clothes used, I have trouble paying more than $8ish for ANYTHING for them, especially PJs. I planned a trip to my favorite thrift store to see if I could score more PJs. The last couple trips have failed, but maybe they got in something new?

That’s when I rounded the corner and saw the BOYS’ PJs.

As I said, the girls’ PJs were at least $10, so imagine my surprise when I discovered the boys’ PJs were $5.50.

WTF? And these weren’t just generic PJs with non-character frogs and bugs on them. These PJs were two pieces with Buzz Lightyear, Diego or Thomas the Tank Engine on them. Meanwhile, the girls’ generic butterfly NIGHTGOWNS (one piece) were $10. I believe the character-wear with Disney princesses and Dora cost even more.

Why do boy PJs cost less? And SO MUCH less. It’s completely unfair. Is it because boys theoretically do not care as much about what is on their PJs? Am I paying extra for the ruffle on the edge? I don’t understand.

Needless to say, my girls came home with Thomas the Tank Engine PJs that said “Boys’ PJs” on the packaging. They might be wearing a lot more boy PJs in the future. They love Toy Story and it’s for bed, so who cares? I want the cheap PJs. Are princesses and Dora REALLY more valuable than Thomas and Buzz? It just seems wrong.

I’m sure there’s some deeper feminist message in all of this that I’m too lazy to explore deeply 15 days postpartum, so for now I’ll just whine and point out the inequality. WTF, ,Walmart/clothing manufacturers? WTF?



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5 Responses to Inequality

  1. My experience is that boys/mens clothes are typically cheaper than girls/womens clothing by about 5-10 dollars. If I need a plain old teeshirt, I can get 3 in the mens section for the price of ONE in the womens. They make enough generic “boy” clothes that can really be worn by either gender.

  2. Anne

    Just like getting a men’s shirt cleaned is half the price of getting the same shirt but as a women’s shirt cleaned. It’s a money making racket I tell you!!! ;)

  3. I’ve noticed that too and Grace has a pair of boy WallE pjs for that reason. After having Gabe, I have seen the price difference in boy vs. girls clothes a lot. It’s not fair!!!

  4. Emi

    Does Ari need some old big T-shirts to sleep in? I think that is the way to go.

  5. Susan

    Huh, and here I am with 2 boys and can NEVER find cheap boy clothes! The girls clothes are always on sale, and the boys never are! lol

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