My First Speeding Ticket

Despite getting a D (or possibly a D-!) in the driving portion of my driver’s ed class when I was 15, I have been driving for 16 years without ever being pulled over. Or at least I had. My only police interactions involving my car were triggered by fender benders (very few and mostly in parking lots despite my abysmal driver’s ed performance. I’m a decent driver now. I just needed more practice.) or break downs.

So imagine my surprise when I was pulled over at literally 9 months pregnant WHILE having contractions AND driving home from my last OB appointment of the pregnancy where we scheduled my induction. You would think that this predicament would get you out of a ticket, but I didn’t even know what to say. The situation sounds like a total lie. I mean, the cop could CLEARLY see that I was very, very pregnant, but to say the rest of it sounds like a story I’d make up to get out of a ticket even though it was completely true. I couldn’t bring myself to beg myself out of the ticket with these TRUE excuses.

And that was how I got my first speeding ticket on Wednesday. It’s something I will always remember about the week Violet was born. The cop didn’t even check to see that this was my FIRST time being pulled over in 17 years of driving. You would think that you would walk away with just a warning after such an offense. My husband got a warning speeding a few months ago and he really didn’t have any good excuses or conditions to get out of the ticket– although he’s never had a speeding ticket either.

I mean, who the hell gives a 9 month pregnant woman a speeding ticket?!

It was a speed trap and tons of people were being pulled over, so I don’t think I could have gotten out of it. In fact, the cop told me I was getting a ticket the second he walked up to my window. I doubt he cared about the rest of my story. I honesty don’t even know how fast I was going because I was distracted and excited by the fact that we’d JUST set my baby’s birthday. I know I was going WITH traffic and not going much faster than anyone else.

I’ve been speeding for 17+ years, so I’m going to consider this ticket my payment for speeding for “free” for so long and giggle at the comedy of being pulled over and getting my very first ticket while having contractions and 9 months pregnant.

Because, seriously, have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous?

With any luck, today will be Violet’s birthday. Here’s hoping for a smooth and healthy beginning after what was the most ridiculous week in pre-baby history.


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