Sand Soup

My husband’s latest attempt at multitasking has led me to believe he’s not very good at doing two things at once. On Saturday he was in charge of watching the kids in the yard. He had set up the baby pool, but the kids were really all over the yard playing with a little bit of everything. Clearly he wasn’t paying very close attention because this happened.

That’s right, they dumped a ton of pool water into their sandbox, then sloshed around in it. They were probably sloshing around in it for a long time before he noticed. In fact, I looked out at one point and saw them and was annoyed, but didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to undermine whatever parenting choices my husband was making. Ten minutes later he noticed them and was disturbed by the mess. No choices had been made– only total the choice to totally blank out whatever the kids were doing in the background while he thought about carbon-based molecules.

Now the sandbox is off-limits until it dries out. Which may be never. As a kicker, Dr. Toy Warden had JUST put 80 pounds of fresh sand in there. Now it’s all soup. Sand soup.



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  1. LOL kid win! it will probably dry out just fine. I always had an uncovered sandbox, so my sand was always wet, dry, and anywhere in between.

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