Security Breach

The other day, Lily kept announcing she wanted to play outside. I told her we would go outside after I’d taken my shower and gotten dressed. The girls were playing together so nicely at that point that I didn’t bother turning on the tv to distract them or ask them to come upstairs with me.

When I got out of the shower, the house was pretty quiet. I called downstairs to see if everything was ok and Lily claimed that it was. I got dressed and came downstairs to find… no kids.

They went outside without me!

Rose is only 2.5 years old. This is NOT ok. Even at 4.5, I’m not OK with Lily being out in the yard without my at least a) being aware of it and b) being near a window. I also have a rule that the dog has to be out there protecting them if I’m not physically out there yet. They are usually out there alone for no more than 5 minutes while I gather stuff to take outside, go to the bathroom or get them snacks. It’s a fenced yard and they’ve never left the fenced area on their own even though they know how to open the gate, but I worry about kidnapping or someone getting injured or someone breaking the rules and wandering around the neighborhood without me.

I came outside and reprimanded them for going out without me only to learn that it was worse than I thought. ROSE had gone outside first and had been out there without Lily for “a long time” before Lily joined her. The dog was out here, but my 2.5 year old had been in the yard unattended and without my knowledge for who knows how long while I was taking my time in the shower and putting on clothes.


I’ve taken measures to insure this never happens again beyond just saying “NO!” I WILL still be taking showers with children downstairs BUT the tv will always be on when this happens and the sliding glass door will have the out-of-reach-to-a-4-year-old security bar down.

Yeesh. You THINK your kids are finally old enough to trust to behave themselves while you take a shower and then something like this happens! Silly girls. I guess at least they weren’t fighting?


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