This is the most common type of fight I’ve been breaking up lately. It starts with a “NO ROSE! NO!” and is quickly followed by something like this:

Lily: MOMMY! Rose is playing birthday party with the Toy Story friends and I don’t want to play birthday party! I just want to play Toy Story!

Lily: MOMMY! Rose took out the Potato Heads and I don’t want to play Potato Heads! I want to play Little People!

Lily: MOMMY! Rose is playing princess tower but I want to play daytime/nighttime!

Lily: MOMMY! Rose won’t play Hungry, Hungry Hippos with me! She’s playing with the piano instead. Make her play Hungry, Hungry Hippos with me.

Sorry, Lily. I know it’s hard to believe, but Rose is her own person with her own wants and needs. Sometimes she might want to play something other than what you want in your play dictatorship.

I repeatedly tell Lily her choices:
1) Play without Rose
2) Play the thing Rose is playing
3) Try to combine the two “games” (mostly role playing, so really the possibilities are limitless)

These choices often induce tears, which I will not indulge. You do not get to order your little sister around. Rose can play whatever she wants, just like Lily has always been able to play whatever she wants.

How dare Rose have her own agendas, opinions and creative ideas, right?


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