Happy 4th

Every year (except last year) we take the kids to this hill at the university to watch fireworks. Every year, Lily has gotten insanely excited and made awesome faces.

This year? Whining and complaints of being tired. Then claims of being “scared” of the loud noises from the fireworks.

Rose loved it though.

Violet cried and wanted to nurse almost the whole time, but then she slept from 10 pm to 6 am, so really dealing with the fussing was worth it even if it was frustrating at the time. Things always seem to get easier nursing-wise at 6 weeks with my kids, so we SHOULD be 2 weeks away from better, non-slave-to-the-nursing-baby times. Theoretically, anyway.

Violet is 1 month old today. Time flies.

That’s a 0-3 month swimsuit with a gigantic flower ruffle on it. Because newborns? Totally need swimsuits.


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