It Matches! (Or Not)

When Violet was born, my mother was determined to make Lily a new fleece no-sew blanket to match her new room. Lily had slept under the pastel butterfly blanket my mom had made her for 2 years until she moved into Rose’s red, pink and blue heart and ladybug room. The pastel butterfly blanket stayed in her old room for Violet to use later as Lily dove into a bedroom of bright colors and slightly different bug decor.

It's either the cutest or loudest room ever.

Mom and Lily went on a hunt for an appropriate heart or ladybug fleece pattern to go with the room. We were hoping they’d find something like the fabric she used to make Rose’s blanket to match the room.

Under these very cute girls, you can also see the amazing fabric my mother found for Rose's blanket 2 years ago.

We were hoping she could find that EXACT fabric because it’s one of the cutest bug patterns we’ve ever seen.

Mom and Lily walked into the fabric store together and Lily went for this pattern.

“It matches my room!” she claimed. She was extremely excited about it.

Mom (and I, but I wasn’t there) didn’t understand how a pastel savanna pattern matched her brightly colored hearts and ladybugs room.

“It has ladybugs and hearts!” Lily insisted.

And so it does. Teeny, tiny pinkish ladybugs and hearts are hidden among those giant elephants, giraffes and trees. According to Lily, this is why this fabric matches her room.

It was not exactly what any of the adults had in mind, but Lily was so excited that my mom couldn’t say no to buying the fabric.

And so, Rose’s and Lily’s perfectly matched hearts and ladybugs room full of red heart blankets and ladybug patterns also has this pastel giraffes and elephants blanket in it. It doesn’t look as horrible as we anticipated, but it doesn’t match by a longshot.

Unless you are 4 years old. Then it looks absolutely perfect because it has microscopic pink ladybugs and hearts hidden on it.



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2 Responses to It Matches! (Or Not)

  1. psst, double check the post for proper names.

  2. nonni

    Don’t forget the microscopic pink hearts!

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