Little People Wake Up

Violet’s witching hour currently coincides with my usual blog writing time. Someday, we will get back to our regularly scheduled program, but for now we have an insane clusterfeeder from 7-10 pm every night. I nurse her and burp her and nurse her and burp her and change her and burp her then nurse her and burp her and change her and just when I think I’m in the clear to put her down, she wants to nurse and burp and be changed again. It’s all worth it because it leads up to her sleeping her first stretch for 4-7 hours without interruption, which I think most people with babies would verify is AWESOME for a newborn.

ANYWAY, my children and parenting are still amusing. To me, anyway. And hopefully to you too.

Last week, Rose beat Lily down the stairs in the morning. Rose went straight to the playroom, which has been happening a lot in the morning. They’ve been going in the playroom before they come to the kitchen. Since I’m typically nursing a baby at that moment and Dr. Toy Warden is off professing organic chemistry, I haven’t had a chance to check on what they are doing.

Then I heard Lily yell down the stairs “ROSE! Don’t forget to wake up the Little People! You need to make it daytime!”

And that’s when I learned that almost every morning, Lily and Rose come downstairs, switch their Little People’s house window from the moon to the sun and take all their Little People out of bed.

I also learned that before they go to bed, they put their Little People family to bed too.

Apparently it’s very important to keep the dolls on a schedule, otherwise they get cranky.

I wonder how long this has been going on and how I missed it until now?


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