Princess Ladder

The princesses have taken to firefighting lately. Or something. I don’t think Rose actually knows what firefighters do. We haven’t talked about it, but lately the princesses have been driving our Mega Bloks firetruck.

They drive it around the playroom until they get to our recliner. There, the princesses climb up the ladder to sit on the chair and… nothing. They climb up and later they climb down and drive away. It’s all very exciting with some high-pitched talking I can’t quite understand.

Is there a fire at the top of the chair? A party? Who knows. I asked Rose and she didn’t have answers. I asked Lily why Rose does this and she said “She just likes to make them go up and down the ladder. And up and down. And up and down. And then they drive around the room.”

It was an incredibly helpful answer, as you can imagine. Lily sometimes helps with this particular game, but still doesn’t know what the point is. In fact, I’ve heard her say “No Rose, I don’t want to play Princess Ladder! I just want to play Birthday Cake!”


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