Rose: Mommy, I have a wip.

Me: What? Yes you have lips.

Rose: No. Mommy, I have a wip.

Me: Your doll has a rip? I don’t see a rip.

Rose: No. Mommy, I have a wip!

Me: A what?

Rose: A wip!

Me: A hip?

Rose: A wip!

Me: A lip?

Rose: A wip!

Me: Where is it?

Rose: Right here on my knee. See? It’s a wip!

She had a cut on her knee. I never would have thought to call it a “rip”, but when you think about it that’s a very accurate description. She did indeed have a rip in her knee. No worries, it was small and nothing some rubbing alcohol and a bandage couldn’t fix.


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