Santa Claus

Rose keeps putting on a pair of sunglasses and insisting that we all look at her. “Look at me, I’m Santa Claus!” she yells gleefully.

I never realized Santa Claus wore sunglasses.

I’ve seen many pictures of Santa Claus wearing eyeglasses, but very few of him in sunglasses. Has there been a Christmas in July commercial on lately that I haven’t noticed with Santa in sunglasses? Who knows.

She might mean something else entirely though. She often gets her terms mixed up. In addition to her recently using the word “rip” for “boo boo” or “cut”, she also insists that her bandage is really called a “headband”. “Look at my headband! I have a boo-boo!”

If only Rose would wear a real headband. Then we could get rid of her bangs! Oh well. Maybe someday. (I have a severe aversion to bangs. I might be allergic to them. It’s been VERY difficult to deal with toddler girls who hate barrettes when I have such a bang aversion. No one looks good with bangs. No one. Not even you. People might be telling you your new haircut with bangs looks awesome, but I’m here to tell you you look better without them. All of you. No matter what. TRUST ME. Also, get out of that baggy ’80s shirt and skinny jeans. You look stupid.)

Huh, how did that post about my (Jewish) child claiming she is Santa Claus become mostly a rant about the evilness of bangs and skinny jeans?

I wonder if she even knows who Santa Claus is? Yes, Santa came to visit us this year, but that was more than 6 months ago and she was newly 2 years old. Does she remember that?

And this all-over-the-place post is the kind of thing you get from me after a day of road tripping with three children, one of whom is only 7 weeks old. I promise something more coherent for tomorrow, presuming fussy butt allows me to put her down long enough to make a post.


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