Say Cheese

When you have little kids, it’s really difficult to get everyone to look at the camera and smile when you ask. It takes a lot of shots to get even close to a decent group shot and sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

I’ve found, though, that lately it’s not my KIDS that are the problem in group shots. Sure, my kids are bad at looking at the camera and smiling, but it seems like the adults in the photo (myself included) forget that if the photographer asks them to say cheese THEY need to look at the camera and smile. It’s not the poser’s responsibility to make sure the kids are smiling. If the kids ARE smiling and the grown up in the picture is checking to see if the kids are smiling, what you get is smiling kids and stupid looking grown ups.


Take 1

Me: Say Cheese!

My mother: Say cheese, Rose! Are you saying cheese?

Take 2
Me: No, grown ups. You need to say cheese too!

My mom: Is Rose smiling?

My dad: Lily you should smile! Does my hair look ok?

Seriously. I have at least five shots of my grandparents and four shots of my parents from the same day trying to get the kids to smile instead of following my direction to look at the camera and smile. We have pictures of both kids smiling with adults looking down at the kids or with dumb non-smiles because they are telling the kids to smile instead of saying cheese themselves.

It’s infuriating! And constant! And something even I am guilty of!

But ALL of you adults out there should take note: When the photographer says cheese, LOOK AT THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND SMILE even if you are holding a child who is not so good at smiling and following direction. On the off chance that child actually smiles and looks at the camera? That shot is WASTED because YOU didn’t follow directions.


Including me.

What is wrong with us adults? Why are we worse at this than the children are?



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