Scary Feet

The other day, Rose was doing a craft at the table while I was painting my toenails. This is the second post in the last couple months where I mentioned painting my toenails. It makes it sound like all I do is give myself pedicures. In reality, this is the ONLY time I’ve painted my toes since the baby was born 4 weeks ago and prior to that it had been several weeks! In fact, I removed my battered toenail polish 2 weeks ago in hopes of painting my toes only to be interrupted by a fight between Rose and Lily. My toes were naked in sandals with badly removed polish for 2 weeks before I got around to painting them!

I’m sure my pedicure life or lack thereof is FASCINATING to all of you.

Back to the story. I painted my toenails red under the table. Rose apparently didn’t notice what I was doing. Suddenly she looked down and announced “ACK! There’s a scary foot under the table!”

My parents and grandparents were visiting, but none of us were sure what she was saying. I was fairly confident it was “Scary foot” but other people had other theories like “food” or “hairy part” or something about scraps of paper from the craft she was doing. Eventually we got her to agree that it was scary foot and she pointed to MY foot.

“It’s scary! It’s so red! It’s a red scary foot! A monster foot!”

I have a monster foot.

I thought the scariest part of my foot is the striped tan from my sandal, but apparently it's the red nail polish.

We asked her about my other foot which is nearly identical aside from the fact that it’s my left foot instead of my right foot. They were both painted the same color.

“That’s a SILLY foot.”

So I have one silly foot and one scary monster foot.

In reality, if you look at the bottoms of my rarely pumiced and rarely moisturized feet with striped tan lines from my sandals, you’d see that they were BOTH monster feet indeed.


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