Time Warp

Me: You will be 5 years old in just 2 months. That’s not very long.

Lily: How long is 2 months?

Me: Well, Violet is one month old. She hasn’t been here very long. Your birthday is in twice as long as Violet has been here– so pretty soon, really.

Lily: But Violet has been here a LONG time.

Violet has clearly been living with us for a VERY long time.

Oh to be 4 and a half and to think that two months is a long time from now! Actually, I guess I can relate. I just discovered one of my favorite stores is coming to our town and it is opening in 2 months and that seems like FOREVER from now because I want to shop there now now NOW. I’m sure Lily feels the same way about her birthday.

Conversely, I can’t believe Lily is almost 5 years old. I feel like she’s still brand new herself.


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