Birthday Bingo

Last week on my birthday, I was surprised to get an unidentified call from Arizona. I had no idea who was calling. It turned out it was my aunt. The fact that the number was unidentified on my cell phone should give you a clue as to how often we talk to each other on the phone! The truth is, I don’t talk to any of my aunts and uncles very often. We’re all scattered all over the country. I hear a lot about what they are up to from my parents, but there aren’t a lot of phone calls between us and there never has been. I don’t think it means we care any less about each other. We just don’t happen to use the phone with each other much.

It turned out, my aunt wasn’t calling because it was my birthday. She was calling on what she thought was a random day to tell me about an idea she had for a gift for Violet’s birth. I didn’t tell her it was my birthday then because it really didn’t matter, but it was kind of funny to me that of all the days of the year she would call me it would be my birthday and she wasn’t even calling because of that!

Tonight my aunt randomly called me again about the gift she is planning for Violet. This is probably the tenth time she’s specifically called me ever. We usually speak randomly on the phone if I answer at my parents’ or grandparents’ house when she’s calling. When we got off the phone, I got on facebook and actually looked at the birthdays for some reason. I am completely anti-facebook birthday because you end up getting 200 mostly meaningless two-word birthday wishes from people who probably don’t really care and probably are only sending you a message because they have a daily ritual of typing two words to each person in the birthday box. I never look at whose birthday it is. Do I want people to have happy birthdays? Sure. But I find facebook birthday messages so annoying that I figure I’m doing the person a favor by not flooding their inbox. I have completely removed my own birthday from facebook and it was a huge relief to have a normal sized inbox that day. I think of this as a gift to myself. I love facebook otherwise, but facebook birthdays are evil. And, yes, I know there are ways to stop the messages for that day, but I don’t want to miss any other, more important notification I might get.

Anyway, I looked at the facebook birthdays and realized it was my aunt’s birthday today and I hadn’t known it when we were talking on the phone! What are the odds that we would both be talking to each other on our birthdays this year without realizing it was each other’s birthday?! Our birthdays are only six days (and 27 years) apart. You’d think we’d be better at keeping track of this!

I called her back to wish her a happy birthday and point out this bizarre coincidence because I thought it was hilarious. I mean, really, what are the odds?


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