Last week we were walking through Target and I saw this.

ZOMG Disney Princess Little People

I almost passed out, I was so excited.

And no, no one is paying me to endorse this toy. I’m just saying I was super duper excited. I wanted these dolls BAD. For the kids, of course.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know my kids LOVE Little People and have created an entire Little People universe that replicates their own world. They have a Little People figurine to represent each of their important family members. They’ve made appropriate houses for each family. They also love the Disney princesses and play with their stupid little plastic dolls with impossible rubber dresses just about everyday. Little People that are Disney princesses? There couldn’t be a more perfect toy for my kids.

As perfect as it was, I had to wait for a REASON to buy them this toy. Their birthdays are soon, but not soon enough. I needed this toy NOW. They needed this toy now.

So when Rose started using the potty and we told her she could have any toy she wanted, I made sure we went back to Target (it’s a Target exclusive toy) to “pick out” the toy. I led her right up to the princess Little People and asked if she wanted them. Of course she said yes. And we left with them.

And that’s how Rose “chose” her potty training reward. I didn’t show her any other toys, I just took her to the toy I wanted for her.

It was probably a little too manipulative of me, but you know what? She’s been playing with those Little People princesses since the second we took them out of the box. As predicted, she loves them and they fit into her toy world perfectly.

But then again, the same thing probably would have happened with any other toy she actually picked out for herself instead of having me stack the cards to get the toy I wanted for her (and Lily).


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