One Wish

Lily just got back from a short vacation at my parents’ house in Indiana. She has been gone since Friday. It’s the longest she’s ever been away from home. Did she ever mention missing me, her father or Rose during her time away? You would think the answer would be yes, but apparently she didn’t think of us much. She did, however, miss her baby sister Violet. Apparently she talked about missing Violet every single day.

Lily gets to hold Violet maybe 2 minutes a day before Violet freaks out. It's the most exciting 2 minutes ever.

Violet’s contribution to Lily’s world right now is to look cute for twenty minutes before she cries, nurses and naps again. Violet is only 2 months old. She doesn’t play yet. She’ll sometimes smile, but mostly she fusses and wants to nurse or be rocked. Rose, on the other hand, plays with Lily all day long, talks to her and shares a bedroom with her. You would think that if Lily were to miss someone it would be Rose (or me. Her mother. Not that I’m any fun, but still.)! But no, she missed Violet. It’s very sweet, but kind of baffling. I really felt for Rose that Lily didn’t mention missing her, especially since Rose just said that Lily is her best friend.

Violet is cute, no doubt, but if I were a 4 year old away from my family I'd probably miss my mom, dad or talking sister more than the non-talking, mostly fussy baby.

Then today while I was retrieving Lily from my mom’s care, my mom gave Lily a coin to make a wish in a fountain. Lily threw the coin in and said “I wish I could play with Rose.”

I guess Lily missed Rose after all.

Needless to say, her wish came true.

Playing with Rose is totally wish-worthy.


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