Potty Princess

At a cousin’s wedding nine years ago, my mom, sister and I got very bored. We had to go to the wedding at least two hours early in order to take some family pictures. We weren’t even going to be in these pictures, but they wanted some shots of my grandparents and my dad was my grandparents’ chauffeur an airplane ride away from a world where we had our own cars. The wedding was at a secluded mansion on a mountain. There really wasn’t much to do once the pictures were taken. We didn’t even get to visit much because everyone else there was in the wedding party and busy.

In our boredom, we got a little bit loopy. We were all dressed up and we had a camera. For some reason, the OBVIOUS choice of entertainment was to take formal pictures of ourselves in the various mansion bathrooms. We thought we were hilariously clever and giggled hysterically while we did this. The pictures turned out hilarious. It was pre-digital so I don’t have a copy, but my mom has them prominently displayed in her bathroom to this day.

And a tradition was born. Every wedding since then we have posed in our formal wear in the bathroom. Or we’ve at least attempted to do this. At another cousin’s mountain mansion wedding on the opposite side of the country, all that was available was a portable potty and we didn’t all fit in there, especially because I was pregnant with Rose.

Naturally when it came to my own wedding, I HAD to use the professional photographer to get formal pictures of us by the toilet. It wouldn’t be a real wedding without such shots.

This is the most elegant bridal picture you are ever going to see.

I have the pictures from this photo shoot framed and hanging in my bathroom. Right now, we are attempting to potty train Rose (note the word “attempt”) and she is obsessed with these pictures while she’s in the bathroom.

“Mommy! You wore a white dress! You are a princess!”

Any picture of me in my wedding gown elicits such a response. If I am wearing a dress (which is rare), I am a princess.

Lately she’s fixated on this picture.

My mother is elegantly displaying a roll of toilet paper next to my wedding gown. You know you wish you had a picture like this from your wedding. What? Doesn’t everyone pose by the potty?

THEY SHOULD. These pictures are seriously my most treasured wedding souvenir even though my husband is not in them.

What does Rose think is happening in this picture?

“Mommy, Nonni is making you a princess!”

That’s right, folks, she thinks my mother is making me a princess by making my dress out of toilet paper like at some wedding shower game. Now, I’ve actually seen some toilet paper dresses made by designers that are quite beautiful, but this was not one of them.

She also comments a lot about how my sister’s husband is NOT in this picture. My sister’s husband wasn’t even at our wedding because they’d only been on a couple dates at that point, otherwise he MIGHT have been in on the potty photo shoot. Why Rose notices he’s not in this picture when my father and husband are also not in this picture, I don’t know.

So, I’m a princess who wears toilet paper wedding dresses made by my mother, then poses by the toilet on my wedding day.
I thought everyone should know.



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6 Responses to Potty Princess

  1. Jennifer M

    My photographer told me that some of her brides request this kind of shot. I’m serious! I totally thought of you! You must have started some weird wedding trend?

  2. Anne

    Rose is right you totally look like a princess!

  3. Emi

    1. We were avoiding Bob at that wedding.
    2. Booie and I weren’t even an item yet during your wedding. I was with Ele’s cousin then!

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