Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, this child is potty trained. Dr. Toy Warden worked some kind of voodoo Daddy is better than Mommy potty training magic and within a few days Rose was potty trained. In fact, after only a few days with Daddy, Rose is better potty trained than Lily was after a few YEARS with Mommy. Every single pee event is making it into the potty. And she TELLS us when she has to go, then saunters over there slowly in a “there’s no emergency here” fashion and pees on the potty.

Lily was still leaking every single time she had to use the bathroom as recently as 6 months ago. Almost every time she uses the potty, she runs there as if she might not make it.

One or all of the following must be true: 1) Dr. Toy Warden is a potty training genius; 2) Rose has amazing bladder control; 3) Lily sucks at potty.

I’m not sure which part is the most true or if any of it is false.

We have two problems: 1) Rose is terrified of the real potty. She puts it all in a potty chair. 2) Rose sometimes has poop accidents, which is actually something we never experienced in underwear with Lily. She had that part down. It’s the pee she can’t handle.

Today Rose actually pooped in the potty, but we learned something about her that we hadn’t really realized before.

Rose always says she’s pooping when she’s peeing. She’s confused. We’ve explained to her a million times that pee is pee and poop is poop, but she always calls pee poop.

We assumed she was just calling all toilet functions “poop”, until today when she announced she had to “pee”. Then she sat on the potty, pooped and proudly announced she’d gone “pee.”

That’s right, the girl thinks pee is poop and poop is pee. She’s got them mixed up.

She can call it whatever she wants, as long as she puts it in the potty.


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