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My husband loves game shows. I don’t know if there’s a bigger fan of “Family Feud” in the entire world. He used to DVR almost every episode and watch it when he came home from work. He loved “Family Feud” THAT much. He’d actually get upset if I accidentally deleted a “Family Feud” we hadn’t watched yet and we’d have to watch them out of order. What if we missed a key moment when a family won their fifth game and got a car? If we lived or visited California often, I’m sure we would have been on the show by now.

We also watch a lot of “Wheel of Fortune”. Lily used to call it “The Letter Show”. She used to ask if she could “watch letters” before she went for a bath. Anyway, the other night we were watching “Wheel of Fortune” and Rose got all excited when Vanna White came on the screen.

“Mommy! That’s Barbie!” she said, pointing at Vanna.

I had to agree, even at age 55 (holy crap. really?), Vanna White looks a lot like Barbie. She certainly wears dresses Barbie might wear.

So now when “Wheel of Fortune” comes on and we’re trying to get Rose to do something, Rose says “Mommy, I want to watch ‘The Barbie Show.’”

I’m sure Vanna White would be flattered! (Seriously? 55?! I mean I know she’s been around since the 1980s, but WOW!)



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