A few weeks ago, Rose was playing on the swingset and she got stung by a wasp. It was her first ever sting and she was understandably very upset about it. Me too.

The next day, Rose was playing on the swingset again when a bunch of wasps swarmed her out of nowhere. She started crying, but wouldn’t tell us what was wrong. My husband insisted she’d been stung again, but I was convinced she was just scared of the wasps since she’d been stung the day before. I mean, what 2 year old gets stung by wasps two days in a row? That would be pretty bad luck.

I asked Rose if she was scared and she said yes. I asked her if she’d been stung and she said now. She kept crying and crying to the point where I told her to get over it, the wasps weren’t by her anymore. I know wasps are scary, but she should just stay away from them and she’ll be fine.

Thirty minutes later she told me the wasp “boo booed” her and showed me a red welt on her neck where a wasp had indeed given her a boo boo. I’ve probably had five bee/wasp/hornet stings in my entire life. At age 2, Rose has had 2 two days in a row. I had just told her to get over herself about being near a wasp because she was OK. She was not OK! The wasp had stung her and I didn’t even know it. It was a bad mom moment!

My husband and I searched the swingset for a wasp nest and found nothing. We were baffled as to where they were coming from, but hoped it had been a fluke and our kids wouldn’t get hurt again.

We didn’t play outside for a while because of one of those awful heat waves we had this summer. Finally one day it was nice enough to play outside. The girls ran out to the swingset, climbed the rock wall and were immediately swarmed by wasps.

No one was stung this time. I had them get off the swingset and followed the wasps back to their home. A giant wasp’s nest was wedged in between the rock wall and the floor of the slide tower. It was hidden in a way that you almost had to be upside down and wedged under the rock wall to see it. So much for our previous thorough search of the swingset! Every time the girls climbed the rock wall, they were making the wasp’s nest shake and the wasps came out to defend their territory.

Needless to say, we killed those wasps.

The wasps won’t let the case rest, however. Although they haven’t stung anyone else, more wasp’s nests keep popping up at various hidden locations on our swingset. They like to hide themselves in the roof of it. Lily has been finding them and pointing them out to us. My husband destroys the nest and the wasps get to work again.

Wasps, I know our swingset and front porch are awesome, but they belong to us. Please make your home elsewhere.

Also, I will never accuse Rose of just being scared again. If she’s crying after seeing a wasp, I should just assume she got stung. Apparently ignoring bees and wasps like I’ve always done doesn’t always keep you from getting stung two days in a row.



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  1. poor rose… i remember the one day i got stung by several wasps… but that was my own fault, i had ignored my parents order to not go down the slide at the pool…. the slide had a nice wasps nest under it.. lol….

  2. deafgimp

    Would getting a professional to come out and spray the entire thing until it’s dripping with wasp killer help? Then of course scrub it when all wasp activity has ceased so your kids won’t grow thumbs out of their foreheads from the chemicals. You can just squirt soap on it, hose it until it’s soapy and use a long handled brush on it, so no bending and kneeling to scrub.

    These are probably paper wasps if they are creating nests. Wasps can also burrow into the ground but these wasps generally leave humans alone, and if you had mud daubers you’d know by the lemon sized mud nests. That leaves you with paper wasps, and they are gathering wood for their nests somewhere nearby. Is your swingset made of wood? What color is the nest when you knock it down after you kill the wasps? Does it match the swingset? I had wasps building nests underneath the handrail of my porch, and it was the same color as the porch. They were using it for nesting material. I wonder if you sprayed the nearby wood structures with something that would keep the wasps away but hopefully not kill your children ;-) , it might prevent them from trying to use it to make more nests.

    I did manage to get rid of paper wasps by spraying them with bleach. They were just starting to build a nest, and I had a spray bottle of bleach (well, clorox cleanup) since it was the porch off the kitchen door. I stuck my hand out the door and nailed the nest and came in quickly, since I had no idea how they’d react to the stuff. I didn’t expect to kill them but I hoped ot make them want to leave. Which they did, and they took their nest with them. It was no where to be seen when I looked out a few hours later. So, maybe kill your wasps with wasp killer, and wipe down the swingset with a healthy amount of bleach? Or spray it down from a spray bottle, just make sure it’s wet. The bleach should be safe enough after it has dried and sat in the sun a little bit (Mr. Chemistry Husband should know how it breaks down into safe bits). And maybe the wasps won’t come back for bleach wood.

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