“And Then I’ll Be Naked!”

Northwest Ohio is ridiculously windy. When we first moved here, I was terrified that global warming had kicked it into high gear all of a sudden in the form of insane wind. Around here, it can be a beautiful 70-degree day without a cloud in the sky, but when you walk outside the wind will knock you on your ass. I used to work in Chicago. The Windy City has NOTHING on Northwest Ohio wind. Toledo really should take the Windy City title from Chicago (even if Chicago’s title has little to do with actual wind.).

Earlier this week, the girls were playing dress up and decided we should go for a walk in costume. I absolutely supported this idea. Little kids should wear costumes all the time. If I could wear a Cinderella dress out in public on a random Friday afternoon and no one would question it, I’d totally do it.

Totally how I'd dress to go out in public if I were 3-5 years old.

Rose was wearing her Cinderella dress (like she does 90% of the time she’s at home, usually over whatever Cinderella-inspired blue dress she’s wearing) and it was whipping around in the wind. There were several moments where she resembled that famous picture of Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate.

I’ve become so used to this awful wind that I wouldn’t even label this as a windy day, but Rose still had a lot to say about the wind blowing her dress.

“The wind is going to blow off my dress! My dress will be gone and then I’ll be in my underwear! Then the wind will blow off my underwear and then I’ll be naked! I’ll be naked outside and my dress and underwear will be gone in the wind!”

Oh my!

“I’ll be naked and I’ll be walking down the street outside!”

Amazingly, both Rose’s underwear and dress did NOT blow away in the wind. Yet.


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