Baby’s Law

I have a ton of posts I want to write. A ton of drafts just sitting there. I also have a stack of birthday invitations that need to be written up to put in neighborhood mailboxes tomorrow. I also have a filthy kitchen I need to clean. I was planning on doing all those things tonight when Violet went to bed.

Babies KNOW when you plan to be productive. They will not allow it. It is against their Baby Law. Violet usually goes to bed at 8 pm. Tonight she went to bed at 11. None of things I wanted to do will get done. On nights when I have nothing to accomplish and sit around goofing around and wasting time on facebook, the baby is sure to go right to sleep at 8 and sleep for 12 hours. On nights where I want to get stuff done, she is up, crying and needy. Daddy won’t do. She wants Mommy. And I can’t do anything.

The same Baby Law applies to naptime. If I screw around on the internet during her nap, she will sleep FOREVER. If I try to write, clean, do laundry or even nap (napping is more productive than facebook), the kid wakes up after 2 minutes. She senses the exact second I start any of those things. That is the second she wakes up crying.

This is my third baby to do this. It is clearly a Baby Law and not just a Violet Law. No baby wants its mother to be productive. All productivity must involve taking care of the baby.

So, I guess the lesson to be learned here is never even try to be productive because Baby’s Law will prevent you from actually accomplishing a thing. At least when you don’t try you have nothing to be disappointed about. Or something.


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