How to Make Sure Your Kids Are Warm on Halloween

Growing up in the Midwest, I was always freezing on Halloween. We would plan my cute little costume for weeks only to have me wear a giant puffy coat over it so no one could see it. Cold weather always ruined my costume. I was outraged over it for many years.

Flash forward to now. I have three little kids who need Halloween costumes. So far, I’ve managed to keep them warm on Halloween without compromising their costumes OR their need to have princessy parts to the costume. Every year so far I’ve convinced the kids to be animals. Last year the girls were kangaroo ballerinas– kangaroos in tutus.

When I told people what I planned for their costumes last year, they said "Is that an actual thing?" Nope! It's called creativity, people! Use it.

They were warm, they were cute, but they were still animals. While we are out we pass a million and one little girls wearing princess costumes covered with giant puffy coats. Their costumes are ruined and they are unhappy about it. My kids’ costumes got a lot of comments– you could see the whole costume and no one else had anything like it.

This year Lily wanted to be a giraffe in a tutu, which was awesome with me. Rose wanted to be Cinderella. Duh. If she’s Cinderella, she’s going to be one of the masses in her princess costume with a puffy coat over it. I wasn’t excited about this prospect, but she can be whatever she wants to be.

Today I came home with a cow costume for Violet and everybody changed their plans in a fit of “OMG the baby is so cute!” glee. Lily wants to be a “Mommy” cow wearing a tutu. Rose wants to be a horse, but she also wants to be Cinderella.

So she’s going to be both. She is going to be a horse who is pretending to be Cinderella– or a horse in a Cinderella costume.

She’ll be warm. She’ll be a horse. She’ll be Cinderella. She’ll be adorable.

We already have multiple Cinderella costumes. We already have multiple tutus. All I have to do is add the accessories to the animal costumes and we’ll be set.

And that’s how you keep your kids warm on Halloween: Doubled up costumes. An added bonus is that when you add crazy accessories to your plush animal costumes, your kid will surely have one of the most unique costumes on the block. There will be other horses and Cinderellas, but I’m pretty sure Rose will be the only HORSE Cinderella and just as Lily will be the only mommy cow ballerina.

And if you think I’m crazy for starting work on Halloween costumes now, you don’t have children. Halloween celebrations start at the beginning of October these days! It’s non-stop costume activities for weeks and weeks. Candy orgies everywhere. The pounds add up and nobody can fit in their costumes by the time the REAL event actually happens.

Halloween rocks.



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  1. When my sis and i were a bit older, she decided that if we were cold during trick or treating it was our own fault…half the time we’d be racing to the next house on the block, so we stayed warm anyways, minus puffy coat. My mom made all our costumes… She did make sure that if we had a costume that was like a cinderella princess dress, that she would cut the pattern big enough that the costume COULD fit over at least a few layers of warm clothing.

    Once I got much older (14) my sis was still too young to go “by herself” (10) so I got volunteered to be the one to walk her all over the neighborhood with her friends. That was the year I think I ended up putting on a baseball type hat, a whistle, and i carried my soccer ball with me. ( I was a soccer coach!)

    Other various costumes that I recall being in were:
    Witch – i think i had several halloweens where i did a variation on this
    garfield cat
    troll doll – mom got me a pair of yellow sweatpants and shirt, pinned a “gem” pillow on the belly and gave me cotton hair!
    pumpkin (that was the year it rained and mom used those leaf garbage bag pumpkins to keep us dry)
    soccer coach
    bag of jelly beans (lots of colorful balloons in a clear plastic bag)
    bunny rabbit

    **i’m sure i’m missing several costumes in there as well, but those were the most memorable.

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