I’m Apparently the Husband in This Joke

Dr. Toy Warden’s glasses have been broken for a long time. They had gotten to the point where the lens fell right out and there was no way to fix it ourselves. Dr. Toy Warden barely needs glasses, so it was no big deal except that his license says he’s supposed to be driving with glasses (his eye doctor said he could probably have that qualification removed because his correction is so minor).

Anyway, Dr. Toy Warden told me he was getting new glasses. He told me when he went to the eye doctor and I pushed for me to come along to help choose his new frames. We don’t really have childcare, so he turned down the potential circus that would happen when all five of us went to pick out new glasses. He picked out his own frames and told me when he was going to go pick them up. I was really worried about what he might have chosen because before we got together his glasses were ginormous and ugly and I hated them. I have picked out all his glasses for the last 8.5 years.

And then… nothing. I totally forgot about the new eyeglasses thing.

Until a week later when we were at the apple orchard and he was standing in the middle of a granny smith tree wearing glasses. The very brand new glasses he’d been wearing ALL week at times when he usually didn’t wear glasses to see how long it would take me to notice he had new glasses.

It took me a week to notice the glasses. I’m as bad as an inattentive sitcom husband who doesn’t notice his wife’s new haircut/glasses/dress.

The good news is he actually did a decent job picking out glasses all by himself! I’m impressed!


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