Life Imitating Art

In “Toy Story 2″, Stinky Pete the Prospector longs to be on exhibit in a museum. He’s proud of being mint condition and doesn’t want children to play with him. He wants to be a valuable toy.

Stinky Pete is a sneaky jerk played by Kelsey Grammer. Who wouldn't want a doll of him?

Well, in real life, Stinky Pete has gotten his wish. Lily really wants a Stinky Pete so she can play “Toy Story 2″. She goes on and on about how she really NEEDS Stinky Pete the Prospector (she’s always sure to add “The Prospector” to the end of his name) and how he’s the only thing that’s missing. She wants the “actual movie size” Stinky Pete as opposed to like a Lego sized one so he can fit in with her other Toy Story “friends” (that’s what she calls them).

Clearly the child is lacking in Toy Story "friends". And by the way, she sets them up like this daily. This is pretty much how that chair looks all the time.

I thought the other Toy Story friends were pretty overpriced, but it was nothing compared to what I found when I went to go get Stinky Pete for Lily’s birthday. Stinky Pete is out of production, so he’s now a collector’s item. One of the dolls is selling for $649 on ebay. For just $900, you can buy him now!

Seriously? Even if this Stinky Pete were made out of gold, I wouldn’t pay $900 for him. He’s a toy. To quote Woody, he’s a child’s play thing! He’s meant to be played with, not to be put on a shelf.

But no. Someone out there is going to pay a minimum of $649 to put the likeness of Stinky Pete the Prospector on a shelf somewhere while my 5 year old whines about wanting her own Stinky Pete to play with.

Most of the Stinky Petes seem to be going for about $80. The cheap stuffed animal type Stinky Petes that were probably $15 originally are going for $50+. Squinkie Stinky Petes are $15.

Needless to say, Lily will not be getting a Stinky Pete. Our Stinky Pete purchase will not be an investment piece. He will get dumped in a giant plastic laundry basket with his friends and then come out to play. He will probably get dirty pretty quickly. We’re on our second Slink Dog, and he’s not doing very well.

All I can think of when I see these expensive Stinky Petes is how proud the REAL Stinky Pete would be if he knew how valuable he is now. It’s easy to find a Woody doll. Sure, there are expensive collector’s item Woody dolls, but it will probably be years before we aren’t able to just walk into Toys R Us and get a Woody doll for a semi-reasonable price. Stinky Pete is rare and impossible to find. If you want him for any purpose you have to pay big bucks. Real Stinky Pete is grinning menacingly and plotting his rise to fame somewhere.

For now I’ll just hope “Toy Story 2″ is rereleased at the theaters in 3D so that maybe Stinky Pete will be back in stores. Lily will just be stuck playing without him, because God knows she doesn’t have enough Toy Story toys!


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